Glen-Mary / Pommert Gladiola - Fish Farm 1923

Repaving Main Street. Kroger is on the left which is now Marcella's Doughnuts at 29 West Main Street.

​Circa 1951

Amelia School 1956

Amelia's First Police Vehicle 1957


Remodeled Toll House at

94 West Main Street

 Amelia High School 1905

Amelia Fire Department

The Honor Board was placed on the lawn in front of the High School building to honor Americans helping defend the United States during WWII.

School Being Demolished

Old Toll Gate on Main Street 1908  Operated by

Wesley & "Amelia" Bowdin. Situated West of Baptist Church Purchased by John Pommert for $17 in 1908,

moved across street and remodeled.

   Glen - Mary Water Lily Pond 1923