This house has been known as the Thomas-Fuller house and the Mid-Maples Mansion. Originally on a 27 acre plot of land, it was built in 1898 by Captain Thomas who was the owner of Thomas Art Manufacturing Company. The second owner was Harvey Fuller who moved there in 1913. He worked in the lumber business in Amelia.

Three quarters of the house is built of oak. The library was built of walnut. The house contains a hidden room and shelves that lend credence to the legend of the house having been a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era in the 1920's and 1930's. The house, at one time had a basement garage and a tennis court on the east lawn. The house is also said to be haunted.

McGill and Smith, Engineers and Architects, purchased the house in 1969.

In 2014 the house was purchased by Amelia Village for use as the Administration Building and Village Council Meetings.